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6-5 Supplies List

Suggested General Supplies -pencils
-black pens
-colored pencils
-hand-held pencil sharpener
-basic calculator
-pencil case (many students like the ones that zip as they are less bulky)

Suggested supplies to have at home to help with assignments -basic calculator
-ruler (with both centimeters and inches)
-recycled materials for projects

Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts We suggest that you have one 1" binder or a two-pocket folder and white-lined filler paper for each of the four classes. Many students find it helpful to color code each subject area. For example a red binder for science, blue for math, black for social studies and white for language arts. In addition, it is very helpful if students have a stretchy, fabric book cover (the largest size) in order to cover their science textbook.

***Any donations of hand sanitizer, tissues and sanitizing wipes would be greatly appreciated. Please remember that all projects should be made of recycled materials this year. This is to prevent late night trips to Staples and help the environment at the same time!***