Mrs. Curren: Math & Science

Mrs. Harrington: Language Arts & Social Studies

6-6 Supplies List

General supplies to help get you started -One 3 ringed binder or notebook for language arts. This will stay in the classroom.
-One 3 ringed binder with 5 dividers for math. This will stay in the classroom.
-One notebook (spiral or composition) for science class.
-One pocket folder to be used for reading/language arts assignments and handouts.
-One pocket folder for social studies assignments and handouts.
-One small spiral notebook for social studies.
-pencils with you name or initials written on each one in inc or permanent marker.

Addition items that are not required but have proven to be very helpful -hand held pencil sharpener
-colored pencils
-black fine point sharpie
-personal packs of tissues
-black or blue pens
-colored pens