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Karen Braz - Director

Clint Klose - Advisor
(603) 225-0853 x 1117

CHARLIE BROWN - Daniel Pedersen

SALLY BROWN - Regan O'Brien

LUCY VAN PELT - Madi Barton

LINUS VAN PELT - Caleb Anderson

SCHROEDER - Christopher Renaud

SNOOPY - Derek Taylor


SOPHIE - Shaylee Artus

JOE AGATE - Finn Brown

FLOYD - Jordan Buterbaugh

PATTY - Evelyn Duggan


PEPPERMINT PATTY - Charlotte Goble

MARCIE - Emma Hall

PIG PEN - Carter Haywood-Minery

LARRY - Caleb Jackson

FRIEDA - Keisha Johnson

LYDIA - Grace MacDonald

VIOLET GRAY - Chloe Morgan

EUDORA - Molly Nyhan

ROY - Aaron Russell

SHERMY - Ryan Sheehan

MAYNARD - Abe WinnettKnoy

The Peanuts Gang will be in the following numbers: the opening, "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" - all; "My Blanket and Me" - some dancers (TBA) will be in the Blanket Ballet; "Beethoven Day" - how many of you TBA; "The Baseball Game" - possibly all; "Glee Club Rehearsal" - possibly all; "Suppertime" - backup dancers and a "gospel choir" (how many of each TBA); and the finale "Happiness" - all

In addition, I'm looking at some scenes to see if there are places to include some of the definite place is in the Valentines Scene.  

So congratulations to you all! It was a very hard task choosing our cast of 22 out of the 42 who auditioned, but we are very happy with this final we hope YOU all are :) 

The first thing to do is to hit REPLY and let me know if you do or do not accept your role.

The second thing to do is note that on Wednesday we will have our first read/sing through in Mr. Greene's room after school, 3:45 - 5:30Parents, when you come for pick up at 5:30, I'd appreciate a bit of your time to come in and do our parent meeting/sign ups for all the myriad of jobs there are to volunteer your time for! Thanks much in advance!

The third thing is to bring a recordable cd or a flash drive with you on Wednesday so Mr. Greene can make copies of both the rehearsal tracks (music only) and the cast recording (which has vocals to help you learn the music). This show is not an easy one and you'll need to spend time with it at home, for sure :)

And fourth, I have rented scripts for the six main characters, and will make copies for the Peanuts Gang that I'll hand out on Wednesday. Please let me know if you want sheet music for your numbers, along with a script.

Thanks! See you Wednesday!